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Christmas Cheer


Today my teachers came into school dressed in the most wonderful jumpers...





Yesterday afternoon at 2pm KS1 at Stapleford Primary School were found wiggling on the stage of the school hall. They chose to re-enact the first Christmas in a wiggly nativity. The outstanding performance blew the minds of all the children everyone enjoying every moment.

Head teacher Mrs Stevens closed the fabulous performance by saying that it was the first wiggly nativity to take the stage.

Three creative performers played the main parts Mary, Joseph, and the wiggly Donkey, to make a mind blowing performance. All the actors and all the teachers worked their hardest trying to perfect every class’s part.

The fascinating choreographer Mrs Hore managed to turn reception into shining stars, turn YR1 into animals and angels last but not least transform YR2 into wise men, shepherds and of course Arc angels.

Everyone gave great thanks to Miss Cooper the incredible director who put all this together.

Dylan, who played the Donkey, stated, “I thought the play was good because I liked being the Donkey and made everyone laugh! I thought Innkeeper Daniel Pilkington was very good because he was trying very hard in every song.”

The star of the show Catrin told us from her view high in the sky she could see everyone doing an excellent job.

The organised performers are currently preparing for their next show at 2:00pm tomorrow. They’re also receiving great applause and laughter from the parents and teachers.  


Gwynnie (Year 6)

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